Scope of Journal

The open-access peer-review journal publishes original research papers in the field of applied earth and environmental sciences and engineering including the exploration, mining and processing of minerals, fluids, primary and secondary materials and energy resources with special attention to innovative methodologies and sustainable engineering technologies. Manuscripts are welcome from a wide range of quantitative earth sciences, multidisciplinary approaches, and engineering solutions including:

  • Exploration, Environmental and Engineering Geophysics:
    Applied Geophysical Methods; Data Processing, Analysis and Inversion; Machine Learning Approaches and Geostatistical Methods
  • Geography and Geoinformatics:
    Physical Geography; Human Geography; Geoinfromatics; Geodesy and Mine Surveying                                        
  • Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits:
    Mineral Exploration Technologies and Approaches; Exploration of Energy Resources and Underground Storage Facilities; Prospecting and Exploration of Critical Raw Materials
  • Mining Engineering and Technologies:
    Mining and Geotechnical Engineering; Mining Machinery; Reclamation
  • Petroleum Geosciences:
    Hydrogen and Natural Gas, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Renewable Energies
  • Waste and Mineral Processing for Circular Economy:
    Urban Mining, Waste Recycling; Mineral Processing; Environmental Remediation, Air-, Soil- and Water Cleaning
  • Water and Environmental Sciences:
    Hydrogeology and Water Management; Geotechnics; Remediation; Geothermal Water Resources

The Editorial Board of the Journal encourages researchers to submit manuscripts that are processed in a quick manner via our OJS system. The papers are published online first with a DOI number. The journal is published in English; all papers are peer-reviewed.