Activity logs in practice


  • Péter Mileff University of Miskolc
  • Judit Dudra



Activity log, MLP neural network, process mining


Modern information technology is now present virtually everywhere, in all areas. For the increasingly complex processes, complex information systems are developed that can be used to provide effective support for the processes. There is a lot of data flowing through information systems that is now essential to examine. RPA offers a solution for this, which allows partial or even complete automation of processes. One of the important basic units of RPA may be the activity logs generated in practice. In this publication, this area is reviewed. The most important formats are briefly presented, followed by a runtime model whose aim is to hide the differences in the formats, to achieve a general structure. Building on this module, an MLP model that implements the prediction of atomic events is finally presented. The publication approaches the problem from a practical point of view and proves the effectiveness of the model with test results.