Practical guide to implement a simple 2D game engine


  • Péter Mileff



Game development, virtual world, game engine


Computer visualization now represents a very important area in people's lives. It has appeared in practically every area, and is now essential. Within the field, game development has grown to become a huge industry. Creating a high-quality 2D or 3D game today requires extremely serious development work. Although many platforms, developer APIs, and game engines have emerged over the years to greatly assist developers in their work, there are many people who want to understand how the technology behind games works. Therefore, they build the specific software components themselves, from which they build a complex system and write the algorithms necessary for image synthesis and other areas. This publication focuses on this area. Its purpose is to present the basic elementary components that are necessary to implement a two-dimensional game, as well as to serve as a good basis for the creation of additional higher-level structures.