Implementation of e-learning in sudanese universities: a case study of the university of Gezira



  • Gais Alhadi Babikir
  • Mukhtar M. E. Mahmoud
  • Hussein Ali Ahmed Ghanim PhD Student



E-learning, Challenges, Higher Education in Sudan, Technology


In light of the circumstances that Sudan is going through (the internal war between the regular army and the Rapid Support Forces), we had to find a way to continue education in universities by applying the e-learning experience. This study aims to conduct an assessment of the readiness of the University of Gezira in order to identify the challenges that may hinder the implementation of the e-learning process in order to address them at an early date. The results of the study revealed that 94% of the faculty members have a computer, and they have the skills to use it, and 71% have a smartphone (or a tablet). Also, about 83% of the staff members are able to prepare their courses electronically, which is very important for the start of e-learning. Furthermore, there is a need to train staff members to use modern technologies that help them in the e-learning process. Moreover, the results showed that the students are distributed in 17 states, and 73.9% of students are from the state of Al Jazirah. The analysis of the results also showed that the best internet service provider that can be used according to geographical distribution is Zain and Sudani.