Optimization of notched tensile test specimen under plane strain condition





plane strain tension, RSM, sample notch, ANOVA analysis


In the current paper, specimen notch geometries during plane strain tensile test for cold-rolled steel DC01 is studied and optimized using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and the desirability approach. The notch angle (X°), notch width (d), and notch length (c) were the main geometry parameters considered in this study. The effects of these parameters on the strain state were expressed by self-defined metrics, namely the Plane Strain State Index (PSSI) and the Homogeneity Index (HI) as well as those were analyzed by ANOVA analysis. The quadratic mathematical models obtained by the RSM presenting the evolution of the PSSI and the HI depending on (X°, d, and c) are presented. Optimization of the geometry parameters to achieve the optimal PSSI and better HI was carried out by a desirability function.