Design of new anti-buckling fixture for cyclic tension-compression testing of sheet metal




Kiválasztott:anti-buckling fixture, tension-compression testing, acrylic blocks, digital image correlation


The currently available anti-buckling fixtures for uniaxial tension-compression testing of sheet metal could not fulfill the requirements and standards. In this study, a unique system of the anti-buckling fixtures to enable getting accurate and repeatable isotropic and kinematic behavior of sheet metal was designed. The front surface of the specimen was fully supported during the initial position, tension, and compression and free from any buckling. Because using acrylic blocks, has a greater level of optical clarity, there was the possibility to measure the deformation on the front surface of the specimen using a digital image correlation system. The special pusher vice with compressed spring was attached to the fixture to avoid misalignment and calculating supplementary forces related to uniaxial direction. Furthermore, the new fixture was simple, flexible, and suitable for any universal testing machine.