Factor analysis of multi−electrode geoelectric field data





multi-electrode measurements, geoelecric data, factor analysis, factor profiles, data replenishment.


The paper presents the results of the factor analysis of multi-electrode geoelectric data measured in the area of the Surány aquifer. The 9-variable dataset measured on the first profile was examined by factor analysis using 2, 3, 4 and 5 factors. The calculations show that the Factor profile 1 carries the effects of IP (Induced Polarization), while the Factor profile 2 shows the effect of apparent resistivity (Rho) with the greatest weight. In the Factor profile 3, the factor weight of the current (In) is the largest. Based on all this, it can be concluded that in multi-electrode geoelectric measurements, the first factor depends on the IP effect explaining the most of the variance of the observed data, the second factor on the apparent resistivity, and the third factor on the current. The obtained results confirm that the factor analysis is suitable for the correction and replenishment of noisy and erroneous data of multi-electrode measurements.