An investigation on implementing a scenario on different cloud simulators




Cloud Simulators, Cloud Infrastructure, Physical Machine, Virtual Machine, Energy Consumption


Recently, many algorithms have been introduced to provide solutions for Virtual Machine Consolidation in Cloud Data Center. Such Algorithms are usually implemented using many Cloud Simulators, which may have different representation and behavior of cloud infrastructure entities like Data Centers, Physical Machines(PMs), and Virtual Machines(VMs). In this paper, we investigated the impact of using a simulator on the implementation of Cloud infrastructure that is necessary for the Consolidation process, we chose Cloudsim and DISSECTCF simulators in particular since they both support Cloud infrastructure entities. Our aim is to find common entities for cloud simulators that are necessary to build the same infrastructure with particular interest on monitoring the CPU utilization and energy consumption. We report our experience with the implementation on the two Simulators, in addition to the limitation and differences we found during the reproducing process.