Explosive atmosphere analysis for simulation of acetone source of release using ALOHA software





acetone, flammable liquid, simulation, explosive atmosphere, ALOHA software


The analysis of the explosive atmosphere for the simulation of acetone using ALOHA (Arial Location Hazardous Atmosphere) was evaluated against a previous evaporation measurement in the present study. With ALOHA, evaporation from large liquid surfaces can be studied on a global scale. Such fluid surfaces can be formed during high leakage from process units. In third world countries, there are still operating pools that, under normal operating conditions, contain large quantities of flammable and explosive substances that can be a source of highly explosive atmospheres. In the more developed countries of Europe, you are more likely to encounter puddles during overfilling and dumping. Unlike under normal operating conditions, failure may result in the formation of large liquid surface in storage salvage tray or transport tank leaks. The simulation considers several boundary conditions, such as the type and temperature of the solid or porous medium on which the fluid surface is located, as well as different weather factors. An additional advantage of the software is that it can be used to investigate the extent of hazardous areas geographically anywhere, depending on different concentrations.