Chemical composition analysis of thermal water of Hajdúdorog




thermal water, water chemistry, medicinal water


In our work, a chemical analysis of the thermal water of Hajdúdorog was performed to identify the therapeutic possibilities of the water. Two sampling campaigns were performed in August 2021 and March 2022. The chemical composition and characteristic of thermal water were determined in situ on-site and in labor investigations. According to the chemical analysis, we found the water type of thermal water is very rare, called NaCl type like the seawater. Its rareness is known by Lajos Marton (Marton, 2009; Marton, 2013), only 3,5% of the thermal waters of the Hungarian Great Plain can be grouped into the sodium chloride water type. But the high bromine (0.9 mg/l) and its supposed iodine content of the thermal water can make it unique in therapeutic application. Some trace metals (Cu, Fe, Mn) also increase the healing effect of water.