Proposals to amend the legal framework for felling in inhabited areas




inhabited area, tree felling, amendment of legislation


More than 30 years ago, Decree 15/1989 (X. 8.) on the issue of the Forest Safety Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "FSR") was issued. This is the result of the amendments to the Labour Safety Regulations - MT 64/1980 (XII. 29.), MT 18/1984 (III. 31.), MT 12/1985 (III. 14.), MT 4/1987 (II. 9.) and MT 63/1989 (VI. 30. MT, as amended by Decree No 47/1979 (XI. 30.) MT, was established in consultation with the ministers concerned, the Head of the National Labour Inspectorate, the National Council of Producers' Cooperatives and the trade unions concerned. This regulation mainly concerns logging in forests and only one chapter deals with logging in inhabited areas, which is currently an activity subject to examination. Many years have passed since then, but only minor amendments have been made. Our work aims to supplement the EWC, make suggestions, and draw attention to the need to prevent accidents because working without complying with the current rules can either make it impossible to work or can lead to serious accidents.