Effect of anionic-detergents on the consolidation of clayey soils





clay, consolidation, detergent, oedometer, soil contamination


One of the major groups of anthropogenic contaminants entering the soil are detergents. Although due to their solubility in water, the process of soil remediation is perhaps a less complex problem than e.g., in the case of hydrocarbons, they can still remain in the soil and cause significant changes in the different properties of the soil. The aim of this series of measurements is to investigate the effect of the detergent as a pollutant on the consolidation of clayey soil. The results showed that contamination had a significant effect on soil consolidation. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) on the resulted data confirmed that the difference between clean and contaminated sample is caused by the presence of detergent rather than a random factor influencing the data set.