Modelling beam vibration under non-uniform transverse load




transverse vibration, non-uniform loads, modal analysis, FEM, cantilever beam


This paper investigates the vibration of wind turbine blades under transverse load, with the aim of understanding various phenomena that lead to blade vibration such as uneven load due to non-uniform wind; ice on the blade; or sliding of the ice on the blade surface.  The subject of this research is a simple model for a wind turbine blade with constant cross section. The model is based on a cantilever beam with a transverse distributed force that changes in time along the blade length. Two models were developed and compared using different approaches. Modal model analysis is employed as an experimental method and a numerical model was also constructed based on the finite element method (FEM). The results show similarity between the behavior of the FEM model and the experimental observations. The results of this study provide insights into the vibration of wind turbine blades and contribute to the development of accurate and reliable models.