Wheel Vibration Analysis for Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems





indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems, tyre models, torsional vibrations of the tyre, vehicle dynamics


It is evident that tyre pressure has an important impact on driving safety, fuel consumption and driving dynamics. Both direct and indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems have evolved recently, but the direct systems are far more expensive. The most advanced version of the indirect system is based on the eigenfrequency analysis of the angular velocity of the wheels, therefore the understanding of the tyre vibration is an important issue. In this paper we develop a simulation methodology to study the pressure-dependent tyre vibration behaviour. The aim is to better understand the tyre-rim-axle vibration system, with particular emphasis on the torsional vibration modes of the wheel. The focus is on the pressure-dependent correlation between the natural frequency and amplitude of the wheel vibration and the angular velocity and the longitudinal acceleration of the rim. Thus, we describe the oscillatory behaviour relevant for indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems on a theoretical level.