Direct kinematics of a tilting table using Denavit – Hartenberg convention


  • Tüske István Miskolci Egyetem
  • Hegedűs György Miskolci Egyetem



direct kinematics, Denavit – Hartenberg, matrix transformation, parallel kinematics, coordinate system


The Denavit – Hartenberg convention will be used to determine the kinematic parameters of the analysed structure. This convention uses homogeneous transformation matrices. The 4x4 homogeneous transformation matrices can contain rotation and translation matrices. The common elements formed by the first three rows and the first three columns of the 4x4 matrix define the orientation of the joint, while the common elements formed by the first three rows and the fourth column of the 4x4 matrix defines the position of the joint. The purpose of the Denavit – Hartenberg method is to solve the direct kinematic problem, which is nothing more than determining the coordinates interpreted in the world coordinate system of the TCP point from the joint parameters. During the analysis of the structure, MAPLE and CREO software were used to perform the calculations and check.