Unleashing the digital barrier

Obstacles and challenges of digital transformation amidst technological roadblocks


  • Csiszár Csilla Margit Miskolci Egyetem




digital technology, digital transformation, digital skills, ICT Usage, technology adoption


The widespread adoption of digital technologies in enterprises remains limited, prompting concerns over the sluggish pace of technological integration. Numerous articles emphasize the urgency of accelerating digital transformation and embracing new technologies. This paper focuses on identifying and examining obstacles hindering the effective utilization of digital tools and technologies in business settings. It conducts a comprehensive assessment of two primary aspects - external and internal factors - through a combination of secondary research and a comparative analysis of primary research findings. The research draws on data from diverse sources, including the ESTAT data repository, surveys on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage and e-commerce in enterprises, and the European Commissions report on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, scale-ups, and entrepreneurship. By shedding light on these obstacles, this paper aims to provide valuable insights that can facilitate the successful implementation of digital technologies in enterprises.