Examination of the effect of the river in riverbank filtrated system using field measurements


  • Nyiri Gábor Miskolci Egyetem
  • Kolencsikné Tóth Andrea Miskolci Egyetem
  • Fekete Zsombor Miskolci Egyetem
  • Zákányi Balázs Miskolci Egyetem
  • Szűcs Péter Miskolci Egyetem




riverbank filtration, drinking water, water supply, field monitoring


35-40% of Hungary's drinking water supply is based on riverbank filtered water bases. In addition, Budapest's water supply relies heavily on the riverbank filtered water bases located along the Danube. The research goal of the project " Drinking water: multidisciplinary assessment of secure supply from the source to the consumers" is the complex examination of two selected water bases, as well as the related water production structures and water distribution network from the Danube to the consumer. The two selected area was the Surány water base (east from Budapest), and the Ráckeve water base (south from Budapest). One of the sub-tasks of the project is the examination of the processes taking place between the Danube and the production wells, which is carried out by the staff of the Institute of Water Resources and Environmental Management of the University of Miskolc. In this study, we would like to present the results obtained during the field measurement campaign related to the Surány water base from the two selected project sample areas. With the help of field measurements, we can get an image of the subsurface flow conditions, and we can follow the effect of the Danube river. Our research can help us to build and calibrate a hydrodynamic model and to understand the operation of this natural purification system.