The impact of increasing digitization on the logistics industry and logistics service providers


  • Nagy Gábor Miskolci Egyetem
  • Bányai Ágota Miskolci Egyetem
  • Illés Béla Miskolci Egyetem
  • Varga Attila Károly Miskolci Egyetem



logistics supply chain, logistics service providers, digitalization, Industry 5.0, adaptation


In today's rapidly evolving world and global marketplace, the logistics industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation due to the age of digitalization. The logistics service providers play a crucial role in facilitating the efficient movement of goods and services across various industries. As technology continues to advance, logistics service providers must adapt to the changing landscape and embrace digital solutions to remain competitive. The concept of Industry 5.0 has emerged as the next phase of industrial revolution, characterized by the seamless collaboration between humans and automated systems. Within this context, the logistics sector, known for its intricate supply chains and extensive operations, stands to benefit immensely from the integration of Industry 5.0 principles. This essay aims to examine and explore the current situation of logistic sector and service providers in light of digitalization, highlighting the challenges and opportunities they face in this dynamic environment.