Tools, processes and factors influencing of code review


  • Nasraldeen Alnor Adam Khleel Miskolci Egyetem
  • Nehéz Károly Miskolci Egyetem



code review, the code review process, code review tools, formal code reviews, modern code reviews


Code review is the most effective quality assurance strategy in software development where reviewers aim to identify defects and improve the quality of source code of both commercial and open-source software. Ultimately, the main purpose of code review activities is to produce better software products. Review comments are the building blocks of code review. There are many approaches to conduct reviews and analysis source code such as pair programming, informal inspections, and formal inspections. Reviewers are responsible for providing comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the proposed source code modifications. This work aims to succinctly describe code review process, giving a framework of the tools and factors influencing code review to aid reviewers and authors in the code review stages and choose the suitable code review tool.