Comparison of version control system tools


  • Nasraldeen Alnor Adam Khleel Miskolci Egyetem
  • Nehéz Károly Miskolci Egyetem



version control system, VCS, DVCS, CVCS, CSV, GIT


Version control systems (VCS) are widely applied at software companies as a collaborative tool and to maintain multiple versions of source code and documentation. VCS is a software tool that manages development of software projects and provides methods to manage several developers working together and track them. Collaboration considers the master purpose of version control systems.  Modern VCS supports the parallel development of artifacts using branches and merges. Currently, the version control system adopts on two approaches to software development, the Centralized Version Control System (CVCS) and the Distributed Version Control System (DVCS). This article introduces the concepts and comparison of Version Control Systems and some criteria to consider when selecting.