Bird safety coating for architectural and commercial applications


  • György Vikor Guardian Orosháza
  • Bernd Disteldorf Guardian Europe
  • Francis Wuillaume Guardian Glass
  • Jian-gang Weng Guardian Glass
  • Adam Burghardt Guardian Glass
  • Alexender Sobolev Guardian Glass
  • Suresh Devisetti Guardian Glass
  • Greg Brecht Guardian Glass



bird safety coating, large area PVD coating UV reflection


Scientific observations conclude that modern buildings can cause a high number of bird deaths due to birds’ collision with glass windows and glass walls. There are many efforts to put bird-deterrent patterns on glass in order to avoid bird collision. To make the patterns environment-friendly and meanwhile invisible for human eye, we developed a special “first surface PVD coating”. This paper describes a design for bird-deterrent stack from sputter-coating processes, our method to improve the contrast ratio between coated and uncoated area, followed by some discussions on the tunnel-test results.