Third generation of advanced high strength sheet steels for the automotive sector

A literature review


  • Raid Fehreddine Meknassi Miskolci Egyetem
  • Tisza Miklós Miskolci Egyetem



AHSS, mechanical properties, automotive industry, microstructure


The modern vehicles demand a better fuel economy, decrease in ozone harming substance outflows, and superior safety requirements led to new developments of steel grades with higher strength and good formability. Third generation of advanced high strength steels are the next stage for the automotive companies in steel sheets development. The principal concept of third generation of AHSS is to reap the mechanical properties benefits from first and second generation of AHSS at cost neither too high nor too low. This literature review summarizes the results achieved in a previous paper of the Third Generation of Advanced High Strength Sheet steels literature published by D. Krizan et al. Where we intend to focus on, the recent developments and future trends of the third generation of advanced high strength sheet steels (3-GEN AHSSs) including quenching and partitioning (Q&P), TRIP bainitic ferrite (TBF), medium manganese, density reduced TRIP (δ-TRIP) and nano steels for the modern automotive industry, with emphasis on their main characteristics, processing, and applications.