Environment sensor for home sleep monitoring


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sleep sensors, home sleep monitoring, environment monitoring, air quality monitoring


The sleep is a very important period of everyone’s life cycle. It has importance in the regeneration and preparation for the next day’s activity. Therefore, the quality of the sleep is important the effectiveness of the next day or long-term ineffective sleep will degrade the concentration of the person which can be serious problem in certain professions like bus drivers, pilots. The objective measurement, monitoring and evaluation of the sleep quality is important either in the sleep laboratory or even in the patient home. There are several type of sleep sensors, based on different working principle, contact, contactless and indirect. They provide important information about the human condition while asleep. However, it turned out the environment monitoring also provides valuable information about the sleep quality. Especially in the case of home sleep monitoring the environment monitoring is essential. This article explains the home sleep monitoring and introduces an environment monitoring device developed for home sleep monitoring.