Private network optimization


  • Aadil Gani Ganie Miskolci Egyetem



network protocols, network monitoring, optimization, bandwidth


The main challenging task in laying a network is not to define its topology but to calculate its cost-benefit analysis, which is a research-oriented work. In any network, be it intra or internetwork, the main focus is always on optimizing cost and bandwidth. PSWAN is a medium-sized network at the Directorate of information technology India; this networking project provides internet services to many governmental and private offices. Optimization was required as the number of devices connected to this network was more. Two parameters that were optimized are 1. Bandwidth, and 2. Cost. Cost optimization was achieved by shifting some small networks like school or medium-size office to broadband. While bandwidth optimization was achieved by global load balancing, minimize latency, packet loss monitoring and bandwidth management. During optimization, no hardware change was done; Opnet software was used to calculate the results. The proposed optimized network architecture shows promising results as compared to the existing one.