Improving the rheological and fluid loss properties of the water-based mud using wheat flour


  • AL Khalaf Hani Ali Miskolci Egyetem
  • Ahmed Zeeshan Miskolci Egyetem
  • Kovácsné Federer Gabriella Miskolci Egyetem



water-based mud, wheat flour, rheological properties, fluid loss, environment friendly


This study aims to evaluate the effect of wheat flour as a natural and environmentally friendly material on the properties of water-based mud. Recently, many experiments have been conducted with various additives to improve the properties of drilling fluids. The effect of using wheat flour as a new additive to drilling fluid was studied to improve rheological and filtration properties. In the laboratory several samples of water-based mud were prepared, different concentrations of wheat flour from 1 wt% to 7 wt% were added to the mud and tested by using a Fann 35 viscometer, 140 Fann Mud balance, and an API LT-LP filter press. The results showed that adding 7 wt% of wheat flour was the optimal concentration. It was found that the apparent viscosity and yield point increased by 50% and 35%, respectively, when 7 wt% of wheat flour was added to the water-based drilling fluid. Likewise, the fluid loss rate was reduced by 25% when using the same concentration of wheat flour.