Test validated 0D/1D engine model of a swinging valve internal combustion engine


  • Kovács László Miskolci Egyetem
  • Szabó Szilárd Miskolci Egyetem




IC engine, Swinging Valve, Poppet valve, flow test, 0D/1D engine simulation


In the quest for reaching ever higher power density of IC engines a much simpler solution has been investigated that allows vehicles to reach a comparable power level with cars equipped with turbo charged engines. The new Swinging Valve (SwV) arrangement enables the unhindered gas exchange process through an engine. In this experiment a flow bench was used to examine a normal poppet valve cylinder head and a cylinder head constructed for the same engine but with Swinging Valves. The flow parameters of the original cylinder head were obtained then the SwV head was investigated in the same way. To examine the practical use of a SwV system a 0D/1D engine simulation had been created, first using the engine with conventional cylinder head. That model had been validated with dynamometer tests. After this stage the results of the Swinging Valve flow measurements were fed in the same 0D/1D engine simulation then the results were compared and examined.