Implementation of the fractional-step, artificial compressibility with pressure projection (FSAC-PP) method into openfoam for unsteady flows


  • Gil Jesús Miguel Sánchez Gil University of Calgary
  • Teschner Tom-Robin Cranfield University
  • Könözsy László Cranfield University



Computational Fluid Dynamics, Incompressible Flows, Dual-Time Stepping, OpenFOAM


Commercial and open-source CFD solvers rely mostly on incompressible approximate projection methods to overcome the pressure-velocity decoupling, such as the SIMPLE (Patankar, 1980) or PISO (Issa, 1986) algorithm. Incompressible methods based on the Artificial Compressibility method (Chorin, 1967) lack a mechanism to evolve in time and need to be supplemented by a real time derivative through the dual time scheme. The current study investigates the implementation of the explicit dual time discretization of the Artificial Compressibility method into OpenFOAM and extends on that by applying the dual time scheme to the incompressible FSAC-PP method (Könözsy, 2012). Applied to the Couette 2D flow at Re=100 and Re=1000, results show that for both methods accurate time evolutions of the velocity profiles are presented, where the FSAC-PP methods seemingly produces smoother profiles compared to the AC method, especially during the start-up of the simulation.