Researches regarding the modernizing of hydro-technical designing through assisted designing


  • Vitan Daniel Cosmin University of Petroșani
  • Kovacs Iosif University of Petrosani
  • Nicola Aurelian Horia University of Petrosani
  • Vitan Daniel Cosmin University of Petrosani



modernizing hydro-technical, assisted designing hydro-technical, underground water transport


Hydro-technical works differ from the other engineering constructions due to the fact that they are subject to water influence. In nature, water exerts mechanical, physical, chemical and biological actions. Water’s mechanical action is expressed by hydrostatic pressure and dynamic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure represents the main stress, which generally determines the form and size of hydro- technical construction. As a rule, dynamic pressure is exerted by water in motion upon the elements it enters into contact. The present paper present with the dimensioning of the pipe segments, focusing on the joining of these and the simulation in conditions as close as possible to reality, of the water pipe, within the help of finite element analysis, but also with specialized simulation software. After analysis, verification and fabrication of the pipe segments, they must be transported and mounted on the inclined plane. The constructive solution of the transport sleigh for the pipes transported on the inclined plane is also verified at requests with the help of the Solid Work software, in order to be able to use it in safe conditions.