Hydration of natural gas hydrogen mixture test equipment


  • Bölkény Ildikó University of Miskolc
  • Horváth Domonkos University of Miskolc
  • Vadászi Marianna University of Miskolc




gas hydrate, hydrogen, natural gas-hydrogen mixture, hydrate test


The use of hydrogen as an energy source is advantageous because its combustion processes only produce water vapor, but not carbon dioxide. This excess energy can be stored in underground gas storage facilities, where it is delivered mixed with natural gas. In gas- and oil industry the formation of hydrate crystals can cause significant damages. A huge amount of hydrate crystal is formed, it can cause hydrate plugs in the pipeline. Like natural gas, hydrate formation occurs in the case of a natural gas-hydrogen mixture. The paper presents a method which can be used to study hydrate formation in natural gas-hydrogen mixture.