Saint-Venant’s torsion of thin-walled nonhomogeneous open elliptical cross section


  • Ecsedi István University of Miskolc
  • Lengyel Ákos University of Miskolc
  • Baksa Attila University of Miskolc
  • Gönczi Dávid University of Miskolc



Saint-Venant’s torsion, thin-walled, open cross section, nonhomogeneous


This paper deals with the Saint-Venant’s torsion of thin-walled isotropic nonhomogeneous open elliptical cross section whose shear modulus depends on the one of the curvilinear coordinates which define the cross-sectional area of the beam. The approximate solution of torsion problem is obtained by variational method. The usual simplification assumptions are used to solve the uniform torsion problem of bars with thin-walled elliptical cross-sections. An example illustrates the application of the derived formulae of shearing stress and torsional rigidity.