Particle separation of a modified feed nozzle hydrocyclone under different operating parameters


  • Hegyes Zsolt University of Miskolc
  • Petrik Máté University of Miskolc
  • Szepesi L. Gábor University of Miskolc



hydrocyclone, particle separation, feed inlet


During the operation of the hydrocyclone the cut size diameter is the most important data. This is connected to feed rate, which is closely related to the feed cross section. Preliminary research has revealed that square cross-section is more effective than circular cross-section. The research compared 2 types of feed cross sections at 5 different feed rates. One is a standard rectangular cross-section and the other is a square cross-section that narrows with a baffle plate. Preliminary calculations for cut size diameter have shown that better particle separation at all speeds can be achieved with the baffle plate solution. In both types, the increased velocity created decreased cut size diameter. During the simulation, the baffle plate did not cause any abnormalities in the internal pressure and velocity distributions. The simulation revealed that the particles did not behave as previously calculated.