The alteration of the operating parameteres of the aerocyclone depending on the geometry of the vortex finder


  • Orosz Blanka University of Miskolc
  • Petrik Máté University of Miskolc
  • Szepesi L. Gábor University of Miskolc



aerocyclon, vortex finder


The engineering practice in general requires the ability to recognize the possible hazards associated with the coordinated production process. Solid particles found in the air can potentially be one of these, therefore it is fundamental to deal with the risk posed by certain types of dusts. An industrial cyclone is an equipment which is designed to separate the hazardous material from the harmless matter within the air. First and foremost the efficiency of a cyclone is determined substantially by the operating parameters. Certain geometries of the device however, such as the vortex finder can also have a significant role. The experiment conducted revolves around a CFD simulation to determine the efficiency of the apparatus based on different geometries in general and also regarding the vortex finder. The results indicate that the length of the vortex detector has a more significant effect, than the overall geometry.