The impact of COVID-19 on the practice of the Hungarian administrative procedural law


  • Czibrik Eszter University of Miskolc



COVID-19, administrative procedural law, Act CL of 2016 on the Code of General Administrative Procedure, special legal order


In my study, I make an attempt to show how the special legal order has changed the regulation of administrative procedure in Hungary. Last year, a record number of decrees were issued in order to regulate the changed life situation as widely as possible. The administration could also not be an exception. In my study, I present the changes through examples. I deal in detail with the legal institution of the public hearing. I chose this because basically, in "peacetime", this legal institution would be inconceivable in practice without the personal presence of the clients, but in the changed life situation, the rules that apply to it cannot be fully applied. I supplement my remarks by supporting statistical data.