Alternative foaming agents for fabrication of glass foam


  • Fóris Ildikó University of Miskolc
  • Mucsi Gábor University of Miskolc



recycling, glass foam, glass waste, eggshell waste, perlite


Glass foam tablets were produced from container glass bottles (CGB) using eggshell waste (ESW) and perlite (P) as foaming agent in different portions. The ground raw materials (CGB, ESW, P) were homogenized and pressed with hydraulic piston press machine at different pressures (in the case of P containing tablets 30 MPa and ESW containing tablets 15 MPa, 30 MPa and 40 MPa were used).The obtained glass tablets were heat treated at different temperatures (in the case of P containing tablets 800 °C, 900°C, 1000°C and 1100°C, and ESW containing tablets 600 °C, 700 °C, 800 °C and 900 °C were used). The study shows the specimen density of tablets before and after heat treatment, as well as the true density of the powder mixtures before tableting and the abrasion resistance of the glass foam products.