Logistics 4.0: smart infrastructure


  • Glistau Elke Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
  • Trojahn Sebastian Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Bernburg
  • Bányainé Tóth Ágota University of Miskolc




Logistics 4.0, Smart Logistics Zone, smart infrastructure


The theoretical foundations of Logistics 4.0 are being researched at the OVG University of Magdeburg and the University of Miskolc. The model of the Smart Logistics Zone, which was jointly developed in Magdeburg by the Fraunhofer Institute IFF and Otto von Guericke University at ILM, can be used to describe logistics solutions. At its core, it differentiates between logistical objects, logistical processes, logistical systems and logistical infrastructure. The logistical infrastructure is currently gaining great importance. In the article, some important basics of infrastructure planning and current trends and developments are considered. The objectives are to characterise infrastructure holistically, to define new developments and to pose current research questions related to infrastructure.