The effect of administrative leadership on the organizational performance in the case of the Ministry of Education in Jordan


  • Amer Senan University of Miskolc
  • Kunos István University of Miskolc



organizational performance, operation efficiency, employees’ satisfaction, administrative lead-ership, administration creativity


This study aims at showing the influence of the administrative leadership on the organizational performance of the workers in the Ministry of Education Center in Jordan, which is one of the major successes in any organization. the administrative leadership contributes effectively in reaching the aims of the organization through effective performance which comes from the way any administrative leader treats his staff according to the nature of their task. also, the study investigates the effect of administrative leadership, involving the dimensions of administrative creativity and decision-making ability on organizational performance involving the dimensions of operation efficiency and satisfaction of employees, based on the perspectives of employees in the Ministry of Education Center in Jordan. 420 questionnaires were distributed amongst the study sample, of which 381 were returned and analyzed. This implies that 93% of the questionnaires account for the data generated in this study. Different statistical measures and tools were used to analyze the data. The results of the study showed that the leader has a great role in improving the performance of each worker in the ministry and there is an effect of administrative leadership (administration creativity and the ability to make decisions) on the organizational performance (operation efficiency and employees’ satisfaction) in the Ministry of Education Center in Jordan. Based on the results, recommendations are given by the researchers.