Experimental and theoretical investigation of acetone evaporation


  • Tugyi Levente University of Miskolc
  • Siménfalvi Zoltán University of Miskolc
  • Szepesi L. Gábor University of Miskolc




acetone, flammable liquid, evaporation, diffusion


In the case of flammable liquids, it is known that is not the liquid itself that is prone to ignition, but the vapour of the hazardous substance. For these substances, it is particularly important to be able to determine exactly how much vapour is produced and how it spreads. The substance to be tested is acetone. That is a common substance in households in various forms (cosmetics), but is also frequently used in the chemical industry. Different models are available for calculating the evaporation rate, which are compared in this study with the evaporation experiments carried out. The aim is to select a suitable model in relation to the measured results.