Rock excavation efficiency improvement by microwave treatment


  • Andras Andrei University of Petroșani
  • Andras Iosif University of Petrosani
  • Danciu Ciprian University of Petroșani



microwaves, excavation, rock, microwave assisted rock destruction


The paper deals with an overview of the state of art on using microwaves for assist hard rock cutting with mechanical means. The information provided consist on actual findings from the literature review, and the results of researches performed in this field by the team of the University of Petroșani. Tests have been carried out to determine the physical-mechanical characteristics of three types of rock, in the dry and saturated state, mainly uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength by splitting (Brazilian test), apparent density (volume), apparent porosity, water absorption. On the basis of field research and laboratory analyses, the macro-level cracking state and the continuity/discontinuity of the massif were followed. These results represent the start elements in the further research in recently started MIWACUT project in the frame of ERAMIN-2 programme, financed jointly by EU and Romanian National Research Agency (UEFISCDI).