Electromobility in the automotive industry

A technological and geopolitical shift


  • Harrel Yannick University of Petrosani




electromobility, electric vehicle, semiconductors, transition, automotive


At the beginning of 2021, the very worrying shortage of Taiwanese semiconductors from TSMC and UMC for the industrial sector, and in particular the automotive sector, highlighted the crucial role of these electronic components. If we tend to consider automobiles as a chassis-engine assembly, the 1990s introduced on-board electronics as a series for reasons of safety, electro-mechanical management and comfort. This interdependence between raw materials and data has become particularly crucial in electromobility, because it manifests itself in the midst of the industrial transition of the automotive sector, which is also in geopolitical transition from West (Atlantic zone) to East (Pacific zone). The countries that hold the systemic approach will be the masters of the mobility of the future.