Third mission activities at the University of Miskolc


  • Horváth Zita Miskolci Egyetem



third mission, higher education, social development


In addition to their teaching and research activities, higher education institutions play an important role in the social development of countries. Their indirect economic impact is unquestionable. The so-called “third mission” summarizes the activities and impacts of higher education institutions on their environment. Beyond the obvious range of training and research services this impact of the higher education institutions is particularly strong, but typically works through indirect and soft means and therefore it is difficult to quantify. The Hungarian network of institutions is potentially suitable for fulfilling its third mission role. Local training, research, economic and regional development connections are given even in the case of institutions with a narrower profile. Community spaces, service (sports, cultural, library, and public collection) infrastructures are available to the local intelligentsia, the institutions act as living knowledge bases, but they often serve as regional centers for cultural and sports activities as well. In my study, I write about the third mission activity of the University of Miskolc.