Visual programming environments for digital signal processors


  • Varga Attila Károly University of Miskolc



digital signal processor, programming environment, DSP development, application builder


The first step in implementing digital signal processor (DSP) applications is to test the functional operation of the algorithm. Once we are convinced that it fully fulfills the required task, the second step, implementation, can follow. In the vast majority of cases, this is done in a high-level C / C ++ language. We are not yet optimizing at this stage of development. If the code works completely flawlessly and runs at the right speed, no further refinement is needed, we’re done with the development. We have several tools at our disposal for developing programs running on DSP. This software package is based on the C / C ++ language, with numerous pre-written routing collections and optimization options to support development work. However, there are development tools that can be used more easily and most quickly. Some of these tools will be discussed in this publication.