Guide for Authors

The Faculty of Law, University of Miskolc will ensure that new research results are published in the journal European Integration Studies (EIS) this year as well.

Website of the journal:


The EIS is a peer-reviewed journal, which is published twice a year. The aim of the journal is to publish articles on the legal, economic, political and cultural sides of the European integration process.


The Editorial Board requests authors to send manuscripts (recommended for publication to the EIS) to the following address:


The deadline for submitting manuscripts for the journal is 15 June and 31 October each year.


The proofreading is anonymous, so the Editorial Board also invites the authors, that they indicate the following information in a separate file:

  • full name of the study;
  • type of the study (not necessary);
  • the name and the scientific degree(s)/title(s) of the author;
  • institutional affiliation (as the author wants to appear in the journal);
  • e-mail address, ORCID number, personal website of the author
  • abstract in English and at least three keywords
  • In case of PhD Student, needs to attach the reference of scientific leader in scanned form. In case of undergraduate student, needs to attach the reference of a scientific lecture in scanned form.


The peers (reviewers) of EIS give opinions on the anonymized manuscripts. Therefore, the authors indicate his/her names and institutional affiliations in separate files. When the author sends his/her manuscript at first, it is prohibited to appear the references on the person himself/herself. The authors’ liability, that they return the references to the final manuscript.


The Editorial Board invites the authors, when they submit the manuscripts, make a declaration that they have not been recommended their studies for publication to other publisher and their studies have not been published yet. The EIS does not publish any manuscript, that does not meet this requirement.


The Editorial Board gives information to the authors about the opinions of peers (anonymous peerreview) and also the notification and refusal of studies. After adaptation of the study, the Editorial Board contacts with the authors for the purpose of giving copyright to the Publisher of EIS.


Formal requirements:

  • Times New Roman 12pt normal, line spacing 1 lines, justified text alignment.
  • The text can be 7-20 pages (max. 1.5 author sheets).
  • Reference list (bibliography) is required. The length of the study does not include the bibliography.
  • Please use Arabian numbers because of the unification of chapters and subheadings.
  • The quotes, which are longer 40 words, please highlight with showing margins or using smaller characters.
  • Please use double quotation marks on the double citations and simple quotation on the simple citations and the specific words and phrases.
  • Please use footnotes, not endnotes. The notes must be ordered Arabian numbers. If it is necessary, please sign the origin of the text next to the title with an asterisk. Please indicate the acknowledgements for persons and scholarship also next to the title. Please mark this note in the bottom of the first page.
  • In connection with citation, footnotes and reference list, please use Harvard Reference Style Guide.