About the Journal

The Hungarian Materials and Chemical Sciences and Engineering is an Open Access, peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to all aspects of materials science and chemistry. 

Publisher: University of Miskolc

ISSN: 3004-0000 (Print)

ISSN: 3004-0817 (Online)

Periodicity: 2 issue/year (July and November)

Journal homepage: https://ojs.uni-miskolc.hu/index.php/hmcse/

Aims and scope:

The aim of the journal is to publish quality papers on the area of materials science and chemistry, including

  • research related to materials (such as metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, nanostructured or biological materials etc.),
  • environmental protection and energy aspects,
  • laboratory or industrial scale experimental results,
  • measurement method and instrument development,
  • results of simulations,
  • reviews,
  • etc.


The brief story of the Hungarian Materials and Chemical Sciences and Engineering 

Covering nearly 71 years this issue is the direct continuation of the ‘Issue series’ belonged to the University of Miskolc and its predecessors in title. The first edition titled ‘Issues of the Mining and Metallurgy Department of the Hungarian Royal Mining and Forest Engineering College’ came out in 1929. The first 32 volumes published between 1929 and 1972 gave foreign language summaries of the research results from the mining, metallurgy and later also from the mechanical engineering field. From 1957 the Issue Series were published in Hungarian language as well. Up to 1975 21 mining-metallurgy and mechanical engineering issues had come out in Hungarian version. From 1975 the special fields have published their own issues separately. Our was given the Series II METALLURGY title within the main title ‘Issue Series’ (Issues 22–27). After the long break, the new title of the Issues 28–32. (2000–2004) published in Hungarian language was:

Materials and Metallurgy Sciences,

then the Issues from Volume 33 (from 2007) including booklets in English and Hungarian language were titled as

Materials Science and Engineering: A Publication of the University of Miskolc ISSN 2063-6792

which referred to the name change of our faculty. From 2023, our journal will be published under the title

Hungarian Materials and Chemical Sciences and Engineering ISSN 3004-0817 (Online), 3004-0000 (Print)

due to the expansion of the scope of the journal.