Aims and scope

TMP is an Open Access, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes high-quality original research papers covering a broad range of topics in business (including the business environment) and management. We provide a platform for academics and researchers to publish their scientific results that also help practitioners to make better business decisions, or better understand the business environment. The main topics are as follows: company formation, corporate structure, corporate management methodology, corporate environment; theoretical and methodological issues of corporate development; corporate strategy, valuation of economic activity, methodological and application questions of decision making; organizational theory and behaviour, performance management, innovation management; the main issues of the functional sub-areas of corporate management, such as marketing, human resources, fixed assets, investments, finance, current assets, business information. The scope includes the issue of small and medium-sized enterprises, and regional development. The published research results may also deal with the theoretical and methodological context, as well as the examination of practical applications of the above. TMP encourages and supports interdisciplinary business research. The journal’s aim is to publish papers with a strong theoretical foundation, applying state of the art analytical tools and methods that contribute to the development of the business science, to a better understanding of doing business, and the different aspects of the business environment. Submissions to the journal are welcome from all over the world.