Coal Char Steam Gasification of Three Different Hungarian Coal Types


  • Duc Thuan Mai University of Miskolc, Institute of Energy, Ceramics and Polymer Technology
  • András Arnold Kállay University of Miskolc, Institute of Energy, Ceramics and Polymer Technology



thermochemical processes, gasification process, coal gasification, synthesis gas


In this study, there were two brown coal sample and a black coal sample gasified in a down draft fixed bed reactor at 800 and 900 °C, within 10 g/min of steam flow rate in all experiments. The aim of this research is the investigation of gasification process using Hungarian brown coal char and back coal char samples from pyrolysis process in the distribution of dry gas yields, as well as the synthesis gas composition. Based on the gasification experiments, the brown coal samples showed a potential utilisation for the gasification process. In the case of brown coal samples, the gasification time was shorter at the higher gasification temperature. Using steam as reactant in the gasification process generated a significant quantity of gas with a high hydrogen concentration, which may be suitable to produce secondary raw materials, as methanol.


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