Developement of Application Tailored Low-Cost Steam Generator for Gasification Process


  • Duc Thuan Mai University of Miskolc, Institute of Energy, Ceramics and Polymer Technology
  • András Arnold Kállay University of Miskolc, Institute of Energy, Ceramics and Polymer Technology



steam-generator, thermochemical processes, coal gasification, synthesis gas


The gasification process is considered as the centre of clean coal technology. Several types of gasifying reactants can be used in the gasification process. Amongst them, using steam is recommended for the high concentration of hydrogen in the synthesis gas. Commercially available steam generators are readily available to purchase in the market. However, their cost and accessibility are the main disadvantages for use in tailored research applications as laboratory scale gasification. In this paper, the development and setting up of a steam generator will be presented, with the mass flow ratecontrolled by a microcontroller. The total power of the steam generator is 1800 W, and the mass flow rate is adjustable between 1 and 20 g/min. The produced steam can be supplied by the steam generator at a high temperature of 300 °C continuosly during the experiment. The main advantage of this steam generator is the cost/value of the tailored setup that could also be easily connected to the main PLC controller of the gasifier.


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Mai, D. T., & Kállay, A. A. (2023). Developement of Application Tailored Low-Cost Steam Generator for Gasification Process. Hungarian Materials and Chemical Sciences and Engineering, 47(1), 32–43.