Management Challenges in State-Owned Export Credit Agencies in the 2020s; Case Studies in Iran and Hungary


  • Rosa Alamian University of Miskolc
  • Károly Balaton University of Miskolc



Export credit, ECAs, Management Challenges, Change management, crisis


In the 2020s, Export credit agencies alongside other industries face many critical challenges such as new technologies (like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain), environmental issues, and new financial crises that force change or modification to the organizations. State-owned ECAs have some limitations in their regulations and are inherent in the way of the change process. This paper aims to investigate the management challenges in ECAs in facing the changes needed in the 2020s and how they face them. ECAs in Iran and Hungary are used as case studies. Content analysis with an inductive approach is done to interpret the conducted interviews.

Author Biographies

Rosa Alamian, University of Miskolc

Ph.D Candidate

Károly Balaton, University of Miskolc

Professor Emeritus


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